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Cost to replace wheel bearing : Hot wheels convention 2011.

Cost To Replace Wheel Bearing

cost to replace wheel bearing

    wheel bearing
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National Travel West Ex W.C. Standerwick Duple Dominant C49F Leyland Leopard XTF 818L

National Travel West Ex W.C. Standerwick Duple Dominant  C49F Leyland Leopard XTF 818L

I'm a great fan of the Duple Dominant, more so of the original version, so I thought that I would share this photograph, now for the history lesson: Duple launched the trend setting Dominant at the 1972 Commercial Motor Show held at Earls Court during September 1972. The Dominant replaced the Commander and Viceroy family of bodies built on lightweight and heavyweight chassis. The Dominant was the first Duple body to be available on both lightweight and heavyweight chassis. The styling of the Dominant, with gentle curvature to the sides, bore a passing similarity to Plaxton's Panorama Elite. The reson for this was two fold, Ogle who styled the Panorama Elite, also had a hand in styling the Dominant, the second reson was Duple's design team was headed up by a recently recruited ex Plaxton engineer and a second-hand Elite was purchased and taken apart by Duple. The Dominant was an advance coach at the time featuring a fully engineered jig built all steel body structure. A fully laden prototype Dominant/Ford R1114 underwent 1000 miles of testing on the cobbled pave track at the Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA) test track at Nuneaton . One of the key features of the original Dominant was the interchangeable screens front and rear. The Dominant was original available on 10, 11 and 12-metre chassis. My price list from 1973 states a standard 11-metre Dominant bodied Leyland Leopard cost ?7,195.00, a whole range of options were available. Here are just a few of the options listed: power operated door ?157, pavement window to entrance door ?16, stainless steel wheel trims ?39 and radio and 8 track cassette ?205. In 1974 the Dominant range was joined by the Dominant bus and a shorter Dominant built on the Bedford SB and VAS chassis, Duple states that the 1974 Dominant features phase II construction, in other words better protection against corrosion which plagued the Dominant. From late 1974 the Dominant range featured a new driver's compartement with a curved switch panel on each side of the instrument panel. The Dominant II arrived in 1976, followed in 1980 by the Dominant III and IV, production of the Dominant coach range ceased in 1983, but the Dominant bus body lived on until 1988. The Dominant was to be Duple's most popular coach and allowed Duple to use the slogan in their adverts ''Duple Dominantes''. At the height of sales, Duple sold 1000 Dominant coaches a year during the late 70s,but by the early 80s Duple's market share was to fall, in 1983 they built less than 300 coaches! My photograph shows a 11-metre Duple Dominant Leyland Leopard, which was new to W.C.Standerwick Ltd of Blackpool, on the 1st of January 1974 the National Travel companies were set up, five in total. Standerwick came under the control of National Travel (North West Ltd) and in 1977, the company was renamed National Travel West, at this stage the Standerwick fleet names ceased to be used. The location is Ribble's Central Works on Frenchwood Avenue in Preston. Note the destination display below the windscreen, from 1975 a Bristol type destination was offered mounted above the windscreen. Another point worth mentioning is the fitment of Leyland wheel trims, rather than the dustbin lid type wheel trims that would have been fitted when the vehicle was new. Just look at all that chrome trim below the side windows, which was later found to hold water resulting in early signs of rust. The Leopard chassis is the PSU3B/4R, the letter B denotes the upgrage introduced towards the end of 1970, which seen the 0.680 engine and Pneumocylic transmission the standard specification, along with a taller steering column and two spoke steering wheel.

Caravan Service Report 08-12-2010

Caravan Service Report 08-12-2010

The recommended service cost for the first service is ?150 + vat and parts, so to find a service department that ignores profiteering and charges a fair price when they could easily charge much more is very refreshing.
Swindon Caravans charge of ?118.30 plus vat of ?20.70 cannot be faulted and included replacing the wheel bearing nuts, the original nuts were left in the caravan for me to dispose.
Before taking the caravan to them I cleared all lockers of personal items, carpets and all soft furnishing were removed, allowing easy access to the caravan internally. I had also drained the water system because of the freezing weather, and asked them not to refill the water system both hot and cold and not to test it, as I had already tested all aspects of the water system myself prior to draining. I removed the water heater fuse so it could not be inadvertently switched on. For some reason the 5 amp water heater fuse was blown when I collected the caravan after its PDI a year ago, I replaced the fuse and have used it for over three months this year and it has behaved perfectly!.

cost to replace wheel bearing

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